12th Annual Bike Helmet Fair

This year we encountered new changes with our venue, with our helmet order shipping, even our t shirt vendor! And trust me, this is quite the big event to pull together! Luckily despite all these things, we were able to pull off the same wonderful event for the 12th year in a row, just held later in the summer. As an added bonus, we were able to donate leftover large helmets to adult riders arriving to the Indiana State Fair on bike but helmet-less, with the help of our CIBA Bike volunteer friends. – Jennica, 3rd year IUEM Advocacy Chair

Katie Byrd, 3rd year Emergency Medicine resident recaps our event:

This August marked another successful year for the Annual Bike Helmet Fair at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum! For those who aren’t familiar with the annual fair, here’s a little bit of background.

Every year in the United States, over 300,000 children make a trip to their local emergency department for bike-related injuries. Although most injuries are simple cuts, scrapes, and bruises, there is an unfortunate proportion that are related to devastating head injuries, leading to some 200 pediatric deaths each year. Indianapolis is not sitting idly by, though. Each year the Indiana University Emergency Medicine Program, along with the Central Indiana Bicycling Association (CIBA), teams up with the Indianapolis Children’s Museum to have a day dedicated to equipping the children of Indianapolis with the tools they need to stay safe at the Annual Bike Helmet Fair. In doing so, reducing the risk of head injuries in bike accidents by up to 80%!

Since it’s birth almost a decade ago, and thanks to the generous donations from Central Indiana Bike Association and our own faithful Dr. Elizabeth Weinstein’s state grants, the Annual Bike Helmet Fair has been able to fit thousands and thousands of Indianapolis children with free bike helmets. And this year was no exception. August 2nd marked the day that 850 more Indianapolis kids were fitted with their shiny new helmets. Not only do the kids get helmets at this event, but they and their parents also get crucial education on proper helmet fitting and general bike safety. Together, the IUEM Advocacy Group hopes this will reduce their risk of head injuries and emergency department visits to create a safer Indianapolis.

We at IUEM look forward to the next opportunity in the spring of 2019 to recreate yet another opportunity to promote the health and safety of these kids, and are excited about the unyielding success of this program and enthusiasm from all involved!

– Katie Byrd MD, 3rd year Emergency Medicine Resident


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