Rachael’s First Week – Franklin Community High School

RFW Franklin 3RFW Franklin 1

On April 22, the Rachael’s First Week team held a presentation for Franklin Community High School in Franklin, IN. For those of you not familiar with Rachael’s First Week, it is a program designed to help high school seniors navigate the difficult transition from high school to young adulthood and college. Several hundred seniors gathered in the auditorium for the presentation and their responses have been overwhelmingly positive. Emergency medicine residents, Drs. Sarah Hemming-Meyer and Alex Rhea discussed safety tips, potential risks and ways to stay safe next year, but Rachael’s friends were the ones that were able to make students appreciate the reality of their vulnerability. These college students discussed their experience with Rachael’s death and also lessons they have learned over the last two years that they wish they had known before.

Rachael’s First Week is an ever-expanding program that has been able to interact with over one thousand students in live presentations and one thousand more via social media outlets. At Franklin, the students were, for the first time, able to interact via polling software allowing them to ask questions anonymously, an outlet necessary to inquire about sensitive subjects. Please watch the wonderful segment on Channel 8 highlighting this day. The next presentation will be at Zionsville High School on May 22. If you’re interested in helping out with Rachael’s First Week please contact Alex Rhea (rarhea@iu.edu) for more details.  Follow Rachael’s First Week on twitter: @Rachaels1stWeek

Link for Channel 8: http://wishtv.com/2015/04/23/campaign-expands-to-warn-more-students-of-college-dangers/

Special thanks to the Trauma NPs and IU ED RNs for their attendance and support for RFW.

Submitted By:  Alex Rhea, PGY-3 IUEM